Look What I Made!

So we're gearing up for Emily's very first friends invited over PARTY!  Yes, I'm a cruel mother, but lets not dwell on that now.  We decided on  a paper doll theme, with a doll house birthday cake.
  You can see the invitation to the left.  We cut out the doll and stuck them to the invite with velcro. 

Sophie has been busy cutting out paper doll chains for decorations, while I'm assigned to small dresses to make a garland. 
  For many moons, I've had my eye on a video tutorial that shows you how to fold an origami dress.  Today, after throwing aside a lifetime of previous origami failures, I sat down and watched the video.  
   It wasn't nearly as hard as some of the ridiculous animals that I've tried to make in the past.  I was, and am soo happy with how this turned out! (excuse the less that adequate photo)  It actually looks like a dress!
Can you see that it looks like a dress?!  Please say you can, but don't lie.  My ego can handle it.
Also, I have lofty dreams of making this dollhouse cake that I found on the internet.  
Hopefully, my finished product will not be the subject of one of those "Cake Fail" pictures.  We shall see how it goes.  Regardless, I will post how everything turns out after the party.  Promise.


Fun Facts, Vol. 1

Today's Fun Fact...

In Kentucky, it was illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket.  
True Story.

 The history behind this law is really not as crazy as it sounds!  Back when horse theivin' was more prevalent than it is today, a thief would put an ice cream cone in his back pocket to entice and lead a horse away from where it was.  If the thief was accused he could say, "I didn't steal it, he followed me home!" 
It surely must have been quite a problem at the time for a law to be made!  

In Washington State...

The harassing of Bigfoot, Sasquatch or other undiscovered subspecies is a felony punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment.

The details of this law may be found in the "Skamania County Ordinance 69-1".  Breaking of this law carries a hefty penalty!  It says this, 

"Whereas, be it resolved that any premeditated, willful and wanton slaying harassing or any malicious activities upon such creature shall be deemed a felony punishable by a fine not to exceed One hundred Thousand Dollars ($100.0000) and/or imprisonment, not to exceed ten (10) years." 

I'm not sure how you can harass something that has yet to be discovered.  It is rather unbelievable that there are actual laws about these things.  Undoubtedly, there are a mass amount of people who also believe that these are necessary.  As I was researching this strange law, I was unable to find a single case in which someone was prosecuted for breaking this law.  Hmmm.  I wonder why?  I guess they are Yetti to be discovered.  Har, har. 


DON'T sit on your brothers head!

...and 9 more things I never imagined saying as a parent.

1. In the morning, while waking up my daughter... "Why are you sleeping with your sword?"  
  Sword on one side, doll on the other.  You never know when those infamous bad guys will be out.
2. "I'm not taking you back up to the house, just go in the lake."  Don't judge me. We were on vacation, the house was far, and she has to go every 7 1/2 minutes.  
3.  "Unless you're on fire or bleeding profusely from a gaping wound, do not come back inside this house!"  The ever living kid game of Go In and Out the Door Every 5 minutes begins with the first ray of sunshine, but is squelched shortly thereafter.  Thus, requiring the next phrase...
4. "Please do not go potty outside in the yard."  At first glance, through the vertical blinds, I saw...who turned on the sprinkler?! Wait, I don't hear the water! Oh no, that's not water!  Nooo! 
5.  "Do not color on your brother. Markers are for paper, not people!" The response, "but, it matches his shirt, Mama and he likes it".  A 5 year olds attempt at justification of his naughtiness.  No win, buddy. Nice try.
6.  "Please don't draw any more pictures of people going potty."  Suddenly, Art class took a turn for the worse.
7. "No, you cannot pretend to hang your brother, even you're just pretending."  Maybe too many Bonanza re-runs?
8. "When I said make the kitchen sparkle, I didn't mean scatter sugar all over the counters!"  Pure genius and completely stupid all at the same time.
9.  "Leave your clothes on! When I said go inside and cool off, I didn't mean to get completely undressed!"  Naked is cooler, but not always appropriate.  

  As a parent, we've all stifled laughter, or tried to, in a moment of "oh my goodness, I can't believe you just did that...ate that...said that...etc".   The joys, the heartache that these growing up years are exciting and wonderful!  These are the moments, the days that will never be repeated.  The days that our shared memories are made and never forgotten.  I say it all the time, "These are the Glory Years".  It brings fullness to my heart when I thank God for these children and all the wonderful, crazy, sad, and difficult days we've had together.   Its humbling to realize that as these precious children get older, their hearts and minds are shaped by the things that I have said to them.   
Also, I now find myself thinking or even saying things that my parents said to me as a child.  How funny it is to literally hear my mother's voice in my head as I say things to my own kids.  I think it might be the one time that hearing voices in your head is allowed.  
I'm looking forward to the day when my children will get to say all sorts of crazy things to their kids and I can tell stories on them to their kids!  All kids like to hear stories about when their Mom was a little girl!
Can't wait!


Wildlife Sanctuary

About a week ago, I posted this photo on Facebook.  Awww, cute little baby chipmunks nested in my garden bed.  How adorable!    I was weeding and pruning my tomato plants and when I brushed aside a couple of branches this is what I found.  I was a little surprised, to say the least!  The nest was actually dug down into the dirt and then all the straw and fuzzy stuff was tucked down in the hole, making it nice and cozy.  Until, it rained.  ...and rained, and rained really, really hard!  Surely baby chipmunks are not great swimmers, or so I thought as I tried to look at them from my bedroom window as it rained.  The next morning, I went out to the garden to check and see if the dear little chippies had drown or had the sense to more to higher ground.   I really didn't want dead baby chipmunk bodies rotting in my garden bed.  And then, eeew!  Someone would have to get them out of there...  The thought of it was oh, so sad and gross.  Well, thankfully, and I don't know if they swam away or what, but they were gone!  I was  relieved.
  Later that day, before dinner, I sent Ethan and Sophie out to the garden to pick lettuce for dinner that night.     As Ethan began cutting leaves of lettuce he moved a leaf over and began cutting, and was shocked to have within the shear of the scissors...a bunny ear!  What?  Bunnies?  Yep.  There amidst the 8 heads of leaf lettuce sat little baby bunnies! 
They weren't eating the lettuce or anything, they were just there taking refuge, I guess.  Wow!  Who knew we had such a grand wildlife refuge?!  I just thought I was growing vegetables!   Well, Ethan cut lettuce around them and they seemed content.  For a few days, they just snuggled up underneath the Buttercrunch Lettuce, not really bothered by me or the children coming around.  Over the next couple of days, the bunnies would venture out a bit, but still seemed content to just hang around underneath the plants. 
And then, they were gone.  I guess they grew up enough to move away to live like a grown up bunny.  Now, perhaps, it has moved on and will not return to wreck havoc on  the vegetables that so faithfully sheltered it during its youth.  
We can only hope that it has forgotten where my garden is located.  If not, then perhaps I shall give Ethan a hunting project.  :)


Haircut Day

One of my many hats...Mother, the Haircutter.
Not to be confused with Mother, the Woodcutter, although we share some similarities.  
It was deemed Haircut Day in the house of Hayden.  There was much rejoicing and joy from me because I'd been putting it off until it wasn't raining so I could cut hair outside.  If you've ever cut hair inside you know that no matter how careful you are, you will still find  hair that has floated on the household current into a completely different room...2 weeks after you cut hair!  Annoying, to say the least.
Back in May, Caleb was preparing to go to the Bill Rice Ranch for a month to work.  My job was to make sure that his hair looked ship shape.  He decided that he wanted to try and take a "selfie" while I was cutting his hair.  Problem was, he couldn't get his Mother to stop goofing around.  Heh, heh, heh. 
As the mother of a teenage boy, I take my job very seriously.  Keeping life real is very important.  Really, let's think about this.  How cool can you look while you're getting your haircut by your mother?  Any furthermore, how much more totally awesome is it that she takes the pictures and posts them on her blog?!  The height of awesomeness, I say.  

Ethan said, "Give me a crew cut, Mama!"  Of course, since it is Summer, I will oblige.  After all, who wants to take time to comb their hair when they could be playing basketball or riding bikes?  

Crew cut?  Great idea.  
However, when faced with the task of cutting 90% of  my kids hair off his head, we have to wonder what it would look like if we shave it only part way.  Right? 
 Am I the only one ?  Surely not.
And now you can know too.  
Half shaved that direction looks very odd and gave me great motivation to finish the job.  Not because it was weird, but because Sophie gave me the idea of trying to do the next one, Titus, in a mohawk.   Inspired idea, Sophie.  Keeping in mind that I wouldn't be leaving it that way, it was just for the fun of it.  Not to worry yourself or be offended...or think I've lost my mind. Completely.

The look of joy radiating from his face is evident.  He loves it!  or not.  
But it was fun and he really isn't mad or unhappy.  He was trying to look mean.  ha ha.  

Cutting my boys hair not only saves money, but provides entertainment for the whole family!  It was much more challenging when they were small.  I may or may not have resorted to all manner of threats and bribery to get them to sit still.  Now that their older it is far less difficult, especially since some of them actually care what their hair looks like these days.  


A Lesson in Phonics?

Doing phonics today...
I asked Titus what the middle picture was...
His response...
"Barack Obama"

I usually try to stay out of the politics area, but this was too funny not to share. 
The saying, "Out of the mouths of babes." rings true once again.


Small Moments

Today, I read an article written about a famous photographer.  As a photographer myself, I often study the work of other artists that I admire.  Seeing how other photographers capture light, mood, and tone in a photograph helps my own work.  

Last Spring, after I finished up a photo session with a client, I decided to take a little walk around and just take some photos for myself.  Just because.  In the midst of this  large, grassy, thistle filled field was a whole different world happening on a smaller scale.  Although I was surrounded on all sides by bustling suburbia, road noise, and even occasional air traffic, on this small scale no one noticed.  Just two bumble-y bees whiling away the hours going from thistle to thistle.  It was a reminder to not be so concerned with all the extra things around me, but to stop and make that memory, take that photograph before its too late.